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Rise & Shine, PC review – Xbox One

Rise & Shine, PC review – Xbox One

When you find yourself with your back to the wall and you can’t wait to clear up a situation that has become too tangled, what to do but rely on faithful talking gun Shine, with its explosive and tactical bullets, ready to fire or deactivate some electrical device that obstructs our path?

This is the scenario proposed by the developers of Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, that if only they had made their latest work at least as long as their name we would not be here talking about the one, but the only one really, the flaw of an otherwise very rich title: adventure, action and side scrolling wit , a shooter with delightful hand-crafted graphics with sci-fi features and comic dialogue.

You will have already understood that Rise & Shine is a ‘cauldron’ of everything we would like to find in a video game, finding ourselves catapulted into a sci-fi era, as the little survivor Rise. The motherland ‘Gamearth’ is none other than the true and prohory land of gaming, where the little survivor will have to take charge of saving the world with the gun that has entrusted him with the last bastion of the earth.

The machines have invaded Gamearth, the little Rise will therefore have to put his own effort into being able to better control the ironic and sarcastic gun (it’s talking!) many bullets and… die many, many, many times.

Yes, because in this very nice and addicting adventure and action game, you shoot continuously, but you die practically every 2/3 seconds. The quick restart method allows you to keep the adrenaline level high during the various levels, with checkpoints very close to each other and therefore quite functional to a frenetic gameplay and destined to make us go through bad moments of failure. Rise & Shine is in fact a very difficult title, but compelling and at times exciting, the feeling of fullness when you pass a level and, therefore, go to the other checkpoint, is at the highest levels.

Action, frenzy, strategy, but also a pinch of history immersed in a hand-drawn graphics that are beautiful to look at, which holds up very well the rhythms of the gameplay: and what about the latent irony that accompanies us in the dialogues, prepared like a comic? In reality we must admit that Rise & Shine has taken us a lot, that starting from the gameplay, to end up in the technical and graphic sector, we have nothing to complain about. Perhaps, as we mentioned, something more could have been done to lengthen the story (for the sake of completeness) and maybe a little longer the duration of the game. But the budget of the indie developers allowed to give birth to a short, but intense and fun title. We’re on the right path.