‘Rocket League’ April DLC continues to expand

Over the past year the developer Psyonix released a popular indie multiplayer title called Rocket League, which came to PlayStation 4 to certainly become an unexpected hit among indie titles in recent years. It has been so much so that the game keeps getting Exciting new paid and free additional content, including the long-awaited April update.

The company has now announced that along with this update Three items from Team 17’s upcoming Worms WMD will be released, which will be added for free on all systems starting this April 26.

This update will be called “Hoops” and as we have already previously featured, aims to add a “dynamic basketball twist” to its popular soccer gameplay. Hoops also includes the Dunk House arena and a net that can be used as a ramp for the ball and the objective.

You can enjoy three new images of the DLC in the gallery below:


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