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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 colors revealed

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 colors revealed

Only a few days have passed since the first rumors regarding the colors with which the models will be distributed Galaxy Z Fold4 And Z Flip4Samsung’s new foldable smartphones that are expected to launch in August.

Today, however, more concrete and convincing details arrive from the network, thanks to a tweet from the leaker Evan Blass. The blogger has in fact published a list of SKU codes (it isof unique codes used by companies to track inventory) of Galaxy Z Fold4.

The list confirms the arrival of the new color Beige. Green will not disappear, at least not entirely, considering that there will be a version called “Gray Green“. There is also Burgundy Red, the version with which Samsung will dare something more.

We will also see color for another year Phantom Black.

The memory cuts of the Galaxy Z Fold4

The list also contains the storage capacity of the different phones, which should only have three options: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. The 128GB option is surprising, considering last year’s model started at 256GB.

The listing also tells us that the purported 1TB version will not be on sale. Of course, the list may be incomplete – the 1TB Galaxy Z Fold4 may be limited to a few countries or launched at a later date.