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Samsung Gear 360: our test

Samsung Gear 360: our test

Gear 360, Samsung’s camera capable of taking photos and videos at 360 degrees, has arrived on the market a few days ago. To try it out, what better way to go around Milan by testing its shooting qualities and trying to share files on various social networks? But before starting, let’s see a little about the technical characteristics of the product.

The design
Shapes and lines are pleasing to the eye, while the spherical design of Gear 360 it is compact and light (153 grams). Excellent portability and the idea of ​​providing, in the basic equipment, a small tripod (unscrewable and therefore removable) to keep the camera well balanced in any situation and on any surface.

The cameras
Samsung Gear 360 is equipped with two fisheye lenses with a 15 Megapixels and can shoot video with resolution up to 4K (3,840 × 1,920) 360 degrees. It also supports 30 Megapixel still image. Furthermore, using a single lens, it is possible to take 180-degree videos or images. The device is equipped with focal aperture F2.0, to take high-resolution images even in low light conditions, allowing also in this case to record full-field panoramic videos. The chamber works exclusively with one inserted microSD memory (compatibility up to 128GB), features a microphone that has been shown to capture sound and speech with excellent sensitivity and a small 0.5-inch display where you can control settings.

Everything from your smartphone
Before you can start using the Gear 360, you need to download the application of the same name from Google Play. From the app you can select the four basic modes (photo, video, loop and timelaps), set the resolution, insert the self-timer, ISO sensitivity, sharpness, position tag, white balance and much more. The screen of the mobile phone serves as a monitor and it is possible to observe live everything that the Gear 360 is filming.
The camera offers the recorded contents to be able to view and save them on your smartphone or to upload and share them directly through social channels such as Facebook And Google Street View.

The Gear 360 camera is compatible with Samsung models Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S6 edge And Galaxy S6.

The price of the Gear 360 is 359 euros including VAT.