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Samsung Gear VR: preview

Samsung Gear VR: preview

After admiring them from afar at Ces in Las Vegas, it’s time to take a closer look at the Samsung Gear VR, virtual reality glasses created by Samsung in collaboration with Oculus, a company recently acquired by Facebook.

How much do they cost?

199 euros, can only be bought online on the Samsung store and will be available from the second week of February. Wanting it is You can buy a bundled Bluetooth Gamepad for 249 euros in total. Also included in the price is a microSD to be inserted in the Note 4.

The glasses don’t have a display inside. To use them a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 must be inserted as a viewer that works as a screen. This is the Gear VR limit for now.

What are they doing?

The main functions are two: video games and watching movies, even in 3D and with virtual reality effects. For video games, you can access a dedicated store, as well as for movies. L3D effect takes advantage of the well-known SBS technology (Side By Side, the one used by Sky to be clear). In addition, special apps are available such as Oculus 360 Videos which offers a series of videos in which the viewer is at the center and with the gaze and has the possibility of capturing everything around him.

Pros and cons?
Compared to Oculus Rift, compatible only with the PC, they offer a simpler and more immediate user experience, in addition, there are several free content that can be downloaded from smartphones. However, they are quite bulky and difficult to use by those who wear glasses. They also need a phone (in addition to the cost of the glasses) which costs 769 euros.

Right away the main technical features of the Samsung Gear VR. For all the specifics and insights and to purchase them, please refer to official site.