Sean Murray brings us a lot of information about ‘No Man’s Sky’

No man’s sky finally has a release date for this coming June 21 in North America and June 22 in Europe. However, despite the excitement of the players regarding this installment, we do not have much information about the game.

During the last episode From the PlayStation Blogcast, the game director at Hello Games, Sean Murray, has cleared up many of the doubts.

Murray prefers to show the screens of user interface in which we customize our weapons and suits, since he thinks it is as interesting as seeing planets with dinosaurs and aliens; the game for him consists of improving over time thanks to the exploration, and not in the exploration itself.

The game is based on shopping, trading, fighting, survival and exploration. One of the improvements is the binoculars, in addition to additional protection for very cold places that has a lifespan. We even have the possibility of create new technologies and improve them ourselves, something that will be better detailed soon.

There are different factions and races. Hello Games he was not happy with NPCs, so they didn’t know if they would implement them in the game. Now they feel that they have real meaning within the world with the correct implementation. The aliens speak a unique language and you have to learn it. You can learn new words by talking to the inhabitants or finding relics. The better we talk to the NPCs, we better settle down with our race and our behavior it will be positive; unlike if we behave like “idiots”, something that will be reflected in our reputation.

What do you think of the gameplay of this delivery?


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