Seattle Supersonics brings not just covers, but the experience of a Nirvana show in São Paulo

The Argentine tribute to Nirvana, Seattle Supersonics, is currently on an extensive tour of Brazil, accompanied by the Villa-Lobos Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Adriano Machado. They performed in São Paulo, at Audio, on the 13th, a Friday, but are visiting numerous Brazilian cities.

The presentation is a great opportunity to bring a little of what Nirvana was to generations who will never see the band perform. With the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994, several generations now know Nirvana only from their old records and videos. Even though it is not the members themselves, the tribute seeks to bring the excellence of the experience that a band show would bring decades ago.

The performance, divided into two sets, one with the orchestra and the other without, captivated audiences of different age groups, highlighting the timelessness of Kurt Cobain and his band’s work. It was really very interesting to enter the concert venue and see not only older people, who “lived” the grunge era, but many young people, wearing band t-shirts, humming the songs before the show even started.

The beginning was marked by a brief introduction by the Orchestra, followed by classics played by the Seattle Supersonics, who took to the stage with costumes inspired by Nirvana’s performance on the French program “Nulle Part Ailleurs”. The show started well, with In Bloom, without leaving aside the eternal classics such as About a Girl, Been a Son and the eternal Smells Like a Teen Spirit, which was not only enjoyed by those who were there, but experienced as if it were a show 1993.

The second part of the show focused on acoustic versions, an important moment, as Nirvana’s acoustic is one of the most successful in the history of MTV’s famous acoustics. The Man Who Sold the World, David Bowie’s cover was one of the examples of the orchestra’s positivity, which at this moment really brightened the songs.

The tribute went through various eras of Nirvana’s history, showing respect for the group’s entire history. Not only the classics and not just the “acoustic”, but even the B side was presented, in a show of 26 songs, which demonstrated an immense amount of work on the part of those involved in preparing material that not only demonstrated the sound of Nirvana, as also respect for its entire history and essence.

The fans who were there were certainly transported to some day in 1993, even if they weren’t even alive at that time. Because Seattle Supersonics’ care and respect for Nirvana’s legacy certainly served to transport the fan to a unique moment in music history.

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