Sega of America completes its acquisition of Atlus USA

After a long process, Sega of America has finally completed its acquisition from the popular video game company Atlus USA, which means that Sega will now probably be the company with the most titles under its belt in North America, in distribution issues.

Both Sega and Atlus USA intend to maintain its policies and practices that characterize them so much, maintaining distribution in several of the most important Japanese titles for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and PC platforms. Therefore it is said that this change It only affects companies in its name, since no title will be affected as a result of this new union.

Sega claims that since the two companies came together, the extensive experience Atlus has allowed important titles from Japan to be distributed in the West, using Yakuza and Hatsune Miku as examples (the latter announced for the West a few news ago). This change also prepares the company to celebrate the 25th anniversary of several of its franchises, such as the popular Sonic the hedgehog, plus other games which we will surely see in North America.

Sega has also long been in charge of distribute your own games, such as Hatsune Miku. However, Atlus has a history of participating in the release of titles from various companies, both large and independent. Sega plans to make a transfer of some important figures as Takashi Iizukua, the vice president of product development, to its Los Angeles headquarters in 2016 to celebrate 25 years of Sonic.


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