Sending SMS doesn’t work: what to do

Today we will see Why can’t I send and receive text messages on my cell phone?. We will solve this problem with several easy-to-do methods in this simple tutorial.

I can’t send or receive text messages on my phone

The first thing we need to do is check that everything is working correctly. These tips may seem simple and basic to you, but on many occasions we make the mistake of not paying attention to the simplest things and that ends up being the cause of the problem.

So before continuing with possible more elaborate solutions, we will first look at the simpler ones, in this way we can exclude them.

  • Must check that there is a signal to send and receive but you can consult the best signal amplifiers or cell phone covers. If you can make traditional calls you shouldn’t have any signal problems.
  • It is also essential to ensure you have a balance to be able to send SMS, check your operator’s phone credit balance
  • The number you are sending the SMS to it must be the correct one.
  • Consult other people who have the same operator as you. On some occasions it is possible that this is a temporary operator problem.
  • I do not send or receive text messages on my cell phone

In case the above went well, we will move on to the possible solutions. In this aspect we will have to try several because the origin of the problem can be varied. Therefore, a single solution is not always valid for all cases.

Restart the messaging app

  • For this we will have to go to “Settings” from the app box.
  • Next we will go to “Applications” and here we will have to look for the messages app.
  • Click on it and look for the button that says “Force Stop”.
  • Then restart your mobile and check if you can send text messages.

Clear the message cache

Something that often happens is that the cache causes too many problems. This is quite normal to happen in many applications. Just delete the cache and it already works as it should, to do this follow these steps:

  • The first thing will be to go to “Settings” from the app drawer.
  • Next you will need to go to “Applications”.
  • Search for the messaging app and then enter “Memory” You can clear the application cache.
  • Use another messaging app

Even though another app might be conflicting with your messaging app, using another app might help you fix the error quickly. For example: Facebook Messenger can be a great SMS messaging app.

Check your SIM card

To do this you will need to have another mobile device, you can borrow it from a friend or family member and Check that the SIM has no problems. On many occasions this can be the problem.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have a problem with the company in question, perhaps we have tampered with the SIM, damaging it, etc. If it doesn’t work on another device and you’re sure you have enough credit, then it could be a problem with the SIM or directly with the company.

Reset network settings to factory defaults

Another thing you can try is restore default network settings. Having configured this incorrectly it is clear that it will not allow us to send SMS in any way. To do this you need to follow these steps:

  • We will go to “Settings” from the applications.
  • Next we will have to enter “Wireless networks”.
  • Next, you will need to click on “Reset Network Settings”. Basically what this does is factory reset all mobile network and Wi-Fi values.

Hard Reset of our device

  • Finally, if nothing works, we will perform a factory reset on your device by going to “Settings”.
  • Then let’s go to “Additional Settings”.
  • Next, we will go to “Backup and Reboot”.
  • let’s finish inside “Factory Reset”.

As you can see there are many reasons why you can’t send or receive text messages on your mobile phone. Comment below if you found the solution.

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