Six to seven years of support for ‘Street Fighter V’

We PlayStation 4 users have very few weeks left, to have one of the most important fighting titles of all time exclusively on consoles. Capcom has put all its effort into offering a fifth installment of the saga in line with what the new generation of consoles demands.

For this reason, once again, Yoshinori Ono has come on stage to talk about his project and further fuel the Hype that already exists for this game. According to the developer, the idea of ​​both Capcom and Ono himself is to support the game for at least six or seven years. This means that we will have content for the title for a long period of time.

The goal is not just to launch Street Fighter V […] Our goal is to make it the starting point of constant evolution and continued support for the title for at least six or seven years as we already did with Street Fighter IV.

So everything indicates that we will have the game for a while, especially when eSports have become one of the main objectives of the franchise.


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