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Smart Home Gear: Eve Light Strip Review

Smart Home Gear: Eve Light Strip Review

Thanks to the simplicity and pervasiveness of Apple’s Homekit technology, the home automation market continues to expand rapidly with a variety of product offerings. Elgato’s eve line has been one of the most prolific on the market, from electrical outlets and temperature monitors to smoke alarms and lighting solutions. A recent addition to eve’s growing catalog of products is the Eve Light Strip (starting at $79.95).

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Installing the light strip on the back of my standing computer desk was easy thanks to the pre-applied double sided tape. I also attached the power converter box that connects to the power strip to the bottom of the table via the two small strips of double sided tape included in the package.

Pairing and operating the light strip was made even easier thanks to Homekit’s simple QR code enrollment and Eve App user interface. It took me less than five minutes to unbox, plug in, turn on, pair, and operate the light strip. It’s certainly come a long way from a few years ago when I bought light strips on electronics enthusiast websites, connected them to a power supply, and attached an Arduino to a Network Shield ethernet plugin, wrote Arduino sketches. to manage network activity and a simple web service to turn the light strip on and off.

Once incorporated into your Homekit-enabled automation inventory, control of the light strip via the Eve app or Siri integration just works. I really like the convenience of telling Siri to turn the light strip on or off whenever you want to create a seamless computing environment. I can also trigger the light strip to turn on or off based on my location at a certain time of day, which is useful when I don’t want to accidentally waste electricity when I’m not in the room. The only feature the Eve light strip lacks is color cycling. Philips Hue and even my home hack allow colors to vibrate and change for more dramatic lighting effects. I occasionally use these effects during parties, holidays, and when I need to educate or simply impress newcomers to the larger world of home lighting automation. Granted, this capability is more of a show than a practical feature, but it’s still a good way to emphasize to others that this is more than just an expensive string light.



final verdict

Eve Light Strip offers a quick and easy way to add light strip lighting to an Apple Homekit controlled home automation setup. While it’s designed to work only with Apple products, it benefits from Apple’s design ethos of elegant ease of use. And unlike the cross-platform accessible Philips Hue light strip, the Eve light strip doesn’t require an expensive separate hub to stay powered on and connected to your network. Response time is also noticeably faster than the Hue alternative. If you’re committed to an Apple-exclusive home automation ecosystem and need a dynamic LED lighting scene to set a variety of ambiances in your rooms, Elgato’s Eve Light Strip makes installing and using modern lighting easy and convenient. fun.