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Smart Home Gear Review: The Misfit Bolt Smartbulb

Smart Home Gear Review: The Misfit Bolt Smartbulb

the Misfit Bolt Smart Light Bulb ($49.99) is the latest innovation from the same people who brought us the Flash smartphone remote control and wearable fitness/sleep monitor. It’s a wirelessly connected smart LED bulb that’s controlled by your iPhone or iPad. With the Bolt, you can select from millions of easy-to-adjust color combinations. You can also set the Bolt to remember your last light level and color choice and return to that each time you turn it on.

The Bolt is a sturdy little feat of engineering. Although I’ve only been using one for a few weeks, I see how it could last a couple of decades, as the manufacturer claims. It has a thick glass half dome that provides 170-degree light diffusion and uses a proprietary light diffusion layer on the glass, resulting in zero hot spots and gallery-quality lighting.

The bulb body is constructed of durable aluminum that has rows of heat sink fins, which direct heat away from the bulb’s electronic components. The base of the bulb, where it screws into the lamp socket, is a standard size and will fit many household applications. It’s a heavy bulb, considerably heavier than a standard incandescent, and even heavier than a CFL, something to keep in mind when considering the appropriate style of lamp to use with the Bolt.



final verdict:

The Bolt is a sturdy, well-built bulb, offering some convenient features, especially if you want to be able to change the lighting as often as you change your mood. At one cent out of $50, it’s an investment; but considering its estimated useful life, it certainly pays for itself over time.