Smart Lock Review: Yale Assure Lock SL

I have tried various smart door locks over the years and while these devices can be quite convenient, there are often trade-offs. Not so with him Secure SL Lock ($ 169) from Yale. I really liked how sturdy and well made the equipment is. Assure Lock SL is sold in a variety of finishes (Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, or Oil Rubbed Bronze) so it should fit most homes. It also has a sleek and compact touchscreen that makes it easy to close the door when you leave; just tap on the keyboard instead of looking for a lock button.

Smart Lock Review: Yale Assure Lock SL

The lock itself is powered by AA batteries found inside the house. If you’re concerned about it getting stuck, they have a battery backup mechanism that uses a 9V battery port on the outside so it can provide enough power to get in. To enter, you can assign up to 25 pin codes, with 4 to 8 keys per code.

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Compared to other similar locks, the Yale lock is easy to install and you probably don’t have to use anything other than a screwdriver. Other locks have forced me to drill special holes in addition to the doorknob hole, and that’s frustrating. However, you may need to choose a network module that will work with your smart home. Yale offers Z-wave and HomeKit versions, each sold for $ 50, or you can order a kit with both items.


  • Sturdy and well made
  • Assorted finishes with sleek touchscreen
  • AA batteries and fast charging with 9V battery
  • Up to 25 pin codes, 4 to 8 keys per code
  • Easy to install
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  • You may need to choose a network module

Final verdict

If you are looking for a smart security accessory, look no further. Yale Assure Lock SL should meet your needs.

Smart Lock Review: Yale Assure Lock SL