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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: The Sabotage – Review

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: The Sabotage – Review

With The Sabotage, ‘Sabotage’, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is further enriched with content, with the focus on the story of Robert North, Jonathan’s brother. Robert, with several health and psychological problems, will find himself facing actions of sabotage to favor the separatists.

In the end, here we will be able to use all the techniques (therefore of ghost, sniper or assailant, as we believe) seen above, but making them available to the lost brother, precisely Robert. The protagonist of this expansion will have many difficulties in dealing with his past and the memories that come and go, and not without real pharmacological and therapeutic help.

Robert, with five new main missions and two side quests, with three new ‘wanted’ objectives to recover, he will not only have to contend with avid enemies – by the way, it is advisable to tackle ‘The Sabotage’ only when you are familiar with the title, therefore after the main campaign is over, also because the story benefits in addition to the gameplay – which precisely for this new DLC of about 18 Gb will be even more decisive and precise against us. And it is not worth losing your life on the most beautiful … but be careful not to neglect the pills, necessary for Robert’s health. Not bad for an addition at a low cost to the already performing from some points of view Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (our review).

A content, by story, AI of the enemies, interaction with the territory, possibilities that expand both for the weapons and for the environments to be explored, recommended for those with the SGW3 title, even for those who do not have the Season Pass, absolutely a completion of the main story that will guarantee at least another 4/5 hours of fun game and, of course, with many bullets to use wisely.