Sony and Cygames will host a PlayStation VR competition

Recently the popular Japanese company which has now been renamed Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that next October 2016 will be when PlayStation VR, the new Sony device that proposes a cheap proposal and quality for virtual reality.

To give more promotion to said device, the company has took advantage of your stay at Unite 2016 Tokyo, an event in Japan for developers who work with the Unity graphics engine, to announce together with Cygames that they will collaborate to make a virtual reality competition called PlayStation VR Game Contest which for now does not have a date, but we will have more details soon.

The judges for this event They are none other than the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, the chief administrator of Unity Technologies Japan Hiroki Oomae, and the Company director Cygames Eitoshi Ashihara; all of them in the same place to reward the winner.


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