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Sony just launched a new loyalty program, PlayStation Stars

Sony just launched a new loyalty program, PlayStation Stars

Sony seems to be developing even more benefits for PlayStation owners with the introduction of PlayStation Stars.

Sony today introduced PlayStation Stars, a new loyalty program that you can join for free when it launches.

While there’s no firm release date for the show yet, Sony has revealed that it will be released later this year, so hopefully we won’t wait too long to check it out.

After signing up, players will earn rewards by completing different campaigns and activities, ostensibly as a way to encourage players to return to their PlayStation.

There will also be a monthly registration campaign, in which players will have to play any game to receive a reward, though it’s unclear for how long or if they have to complete anything in-game for the reward to take effect.

Sony says that other campaigns will require you to win specific tournaments or even trophies to earn a reward, with mention of being the first player to earn Platinum in a successful title in your local time zone.

All PlayStation Stars members will have the opportunity to earn loyalty points, and the company says they can be redeemed against a catalog that can include PSN wallet funds to purchase specific PlayStation Store products.

Additionally, all PlayStation Plus members who sign up for PlayStation Stars will earn more points for PlayStation Store purchases, apparently as an added bonus.

Another part of this announcement is a new type of reward called Digital Collectables, which comes in many shapes and sizes.

Sony says they may be digital representations of what PlayStation fans enjoy, including characters from games and other forms of entertainment. as well as nostalgic devices from Sony’s past.

Confidence Building

The idea of ​​PlayStation Stars seems like an interesting new way to give people more of a reason to turn on their PlayStation and keep playing.

While I can’t say I’m all that interested in loyalty points, especially if they can only be redeemed with certain PlayStation Store products, I think it’s a great way to give back to dedicated fans. .

As long as Sony keeps everything about the program free, including the signup process and how you rack up those points, I can’t wait to see what rewards and challenges it can bring and if it will make me more likely to get my DualSense Controller in the future.

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