Sony wants to “fish” for workers after the closure of Lionhead Studios

The news of unexpected closure of Lionhead Studios, one of Microsoft’s first parties and responsible for the Fable saga, was surely one of the most surprising and important of the week for the video game sector and was also accompanied by the cancellation of one of the Xbox One exclusives for this year: FableLegends.

A significant number of workers They will have to look for work in other studiesand when these things happen it is not strange that other companies are on the lookout to offer incorporation to their staff, especially when it is such a large studio with professionals with extensive experience.

Sony itself has had no qualms about publishing several tweets through its professional profile to remind all ex-Lionheads that next Monday they will host a recruitment event in Guildford (United Kingdom) and are guests to chat with the different SCEE studios such as Guerrilla, Media Molecule or SCE London Studios.

Let’s hope that everyone finds a location and can continue programming, drawing, composing or testing so that the pace of games does not stop, and if it can be on Sony and its consoles, even better.

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