(Spoiler) Did he die in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Thor Odinson is no stranger to death and sadly suffers much more devastating losses in the latest movie. One, in particular, is his former hero, Zeus, a powerful god associated with thunder and lightning. But is he really dead in Thor: Love and Thunder? We will explain what happened to him and what events may occur after his supposed death.

*** Before continuing, it should be noted that the details of these events are major spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder. So if you want to enjoy the movie without spoilers, we recommend that you come back now.***

Did Zeus die in Thor: Love and Thunder?

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Though Thor presumably killed him, the film’s end credits revealed that Zeus survived the attack. Thor and the rest of his group thought he was dead after the legendary Thunderbolt pierced him, but he somehow stayed alive. Of course, he’s not the first god to escape death, especially since Loki has come back to life many times before.

Now that Zeus is alive, he has a vendetta against Thor for opposing him, causing the mystical being to task his son, Hercules, with the mission of killing the God of Thunder.

What could happen after the events of Thor: Love and Thunder?

Hercules is a powerful hero who appears in many comics in the Marvel Universe. Like Thor, he is a direct reference to Greek mythology, providing details of his immense strength and invulnerability to brutal attacks. So what could this mean for the god of thunder? If we look at specific comics in the timeline, we can get an answer to this question.

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Source: Marvel Comics

According to earlier stories, the relationship between Thor and Hercules often results in fights due to their ongoing rivalry. For example, Thor Issue 126 features both combatants in New York City and ultimately ends in favor of Hercules. Also, we get to see another showdown in Thor #221, where the two once again fight to the death on magnificent Olympus. In various comics, Zeus has also been in a few fights against Thor, including Thor Annual 8.

However, there are still pivotal moments where Thor and Hercules hit it off and team up to stop fearsome foes. For example, in Thor Issue 418, the God of Thunder saves him when he is brutally beaten by the Wrecker. Also, these particular timelines show Hercules as a member of the Avengers.

By reviewing these stories, we can understand what will come next in Thor’s journey. We know that Hercules will have something to do with his story in an upcoming episode, thanks to the end credits scene. But, even though the son of Zeus is on the hunt for the god of thunder, the comics suggest the two won’t be enemies for long. Also, Thor: Love and Thunder followed the books on Jane Foster’s devastating cancer storyline, so Marvel could do the same with the Hercules storyline.

The only difference is that Zeus thinks of Thor as his enemy, a relatively strange concept in the comics, except for their many fights in the past. So if Hercules and Thor somehow acknowledge their differences in the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could that inspire Zeus to fight him? Or will Hercules go in a totally different direction than in the books and become a villain? We’ll see what the future holds for the god of thunder.

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Now that you know Zeus isn’t dead in Thor: Love and Thunder, you can see what’s next for the God of Thunder as more updates and news arrive. If you want to see more Marvel content, you can check out our guide to everything you need to know about the Necrosword in the latest movie, and explore the relevant links below.

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