‘Star Ocean 5’ introduces us to Relia in a new trailer

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is the fifth installment of one of the most popular RPGs in Japan. The title will be launched in that territory this coming March 31 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, while in the West we will see it throughout 2016.

The Japanese developer and producer Square Enix has been publishing a series of trailers aimed at introducing us to each of the characters that we will have available throughout our adventure in Star Ocean 5, such as Fiore and Emmerson.

In the most recent trailer of the game we have the opportunity to meet Relia, a charismatic young woman who will not be a playable member of the group, but walks alongside Fidel and Miki. Relia He has no feelingsemotions or memories, but the company states that it enjoys the company of Fidel and his friends during his travels. He speaks like a girl and often behaves like one, trying to imitate Miki in particular.

You can take a look at the presentation trailer from Relia below:


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