‘Star Wars Battlefront’ February Update Arrives Tomorrow

After much waiting, Star Wars Battlefront will finally receive your long-awaited update February tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and other platforms, as announced by the Community Manager of Electronic Arts in the official game forums.

Star Wars Battlefront It’s a multiplayer shooter which premiered at the end of last year with only four planets and few options for individual play, so the company promised that it would update the game at least once every month, to provide improvements in the online section and new features such as support for individual mode and free additional content. In January we had an update He brought a map and some suits, and it looks like we might get something similar tomorrow too.

These were the words of the CM of Electronic Arts in the game forums:

Our February update will be released starting tomorrow on all platforms, along with the launch of Daily Sieges within the Companion app. Stay tuned for patch notes for the Companion App, PC, PS4 and X1.


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