Strategist! You have a date with Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, now available

Mastiff, publisher and developer of the game, has announced that Heavy Fire: Red Shadowthe new installment of the Heavy Fire war action saga, is now available.

The title arrives for PlayStation 4 and will also be compatible with PlayStation VR, So if you like strategy and you have the PS4 virtual reality headset, you have double reason to run to the nearest store for it.

Discover Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, now on sale

In Heavy Fire: Red Shadow we will step into the boots of Sergeant Will, who narrowly survived a North Korean missile attack on Guam and who now finds himself almost single-handedly trying to repel an enemy landing on a beach.

As Sergeant Will, set foot on the unforgiving battlefield, establish a landing point, and gain strength behind a machine gun-equipped turret.

A brutal and relentless attack by enemy forces will attempt to outflank and eliminate Sergeant Will from all angles, as he and a few surviving comrades attempt to unleash hell on anything that crosses their iron sights.

Unbridled 360º action, advance strategically throughout 8 missions in campaign mode or fight in for in the endless mode. Take battle to a new level with the true immersion of PlayStation VR on PS4.

Main features

  • Unbridled 360º action! – Use a powerful machine gun in turret mode and a rocket launcher to eliminate enemies in 360º.
  • Call for reinforcements! – Request the release of supplies and reinforcements by elite infantry troops, fighter planes, helicopter attack, etc.
  • Ascend! – With over 30 unlockable ranks, players will be able to earn skills to upgrade and customize their machine gun, rocket launcher, health and boosts.
  • The battle has only begun! – Advance strategically through 8 missions in campaign mode or fight non-stop for dominance of the terrain in Endless mode.

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