Surviving Mars – Space Race expansion will debut later this year

The creators announced that the Space Race expansion for Surviving Mars will debut later this year. The add-on will be available to owners of personal computers equipped with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You can now place a pre-order in the Paradox Interactive store. The cost of the add-on is $11.69. However, the creators did not provide the exact release date.

In Space Race, the largest powers and corporations will fight for limited resources on Mars. Players will have to compete with colonies controlled by artificial intelligence. However, this does not mean that there will be no trading in the game. It will be necessary, just like stealing colonists from other centers.

The creators emphasize that each colony will have a unique sponsor who will have its own set of challenges, vehicles and buildings. In addition, random narrative events will appear during the campaign, which will make the gameplay more attractive and will certainly make it more difficult.

Space Race will also add a new radio station to the game, as well as 25 buildings. Survivng Mars fans have something to look forward to. Below you can find a trailer announcing the upcoming expansion to the production of Haemimont Games studio.

Surviving Mars Space Race – trailer

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