System Shock, Gungrave GORE and other playable titles await you at Gamescom with Prime Matter

Prime Matter confirms its presence at the next Gamescom 2022, with highly anticipated titles such as System Shock, Gungrave GORE and other new innovations. In particular, the press release.

This year gamescom is back and for the first time Prime Matter will be proudly part of the event giving players the chance to play and experience the adrenaline, action and magic firsthand with some of its upcoming titles:

System Shock

A true remake of the groundbreaking first-person shooter / original RPG from 1994, combining cult gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, a revamped interface and all-new sounds and music as players attempt to escape from a controlled space station by an evil AI – SHODAN – and its legions of mutated and modified enemies.

Watch the trailer here:

Gungrave GORE

“Are you there?”

Bullets never stop flying in this highly anticipated action hack’n’slash third-person shooter adventure, featuring original artwork by Yasuhiro Nightow and Ikumi Nakamura. Watch our latest “Bullets, Beauty, Badass” trailer here:

RPG not yet announced – more details to follow in the coming weeks

An RPG with a truly unique and original style set in a sprawling metropolis of the post-apocalyptic future

The Last Oricru

Welcome adventurers! – The Last Oricru is a story-driven action RPG, which puts you in the middle of an ongoing conflict on a sci-fi / medieval planet. Your decisions will heavily affect gameplay, as they have a direct impact on the raging conflict and its outcome. Fight, loot, level and repeat thrilling multiplayer sessions in single player or co-op offline and online. Watch the latest trailer here:

HUMANKIND, The Art of War and the Battle System in the Next Historical Strategy

In addition to the playable titles, there will be photo ops, a live streaming booth and more!

All players are welcome to the stand of Prime Matter in Hall 9 !