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The 10 best movies similar to Memento

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more mind-bending thriller than Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed neo-noir murder mystery Memento. Filmed completely backwards to help viewers put themselves in the shoes of the film’s protagonist, Leonard Shelby (played by Guy Pearce), who suffers from chronic amnesia, Memento is a baffling yet deeply intelligent and original photographic thriller.

But what if you’re looking for a movie like Memento? Well, to be honest, thanks to its innovative structure, there is no movie quite like it. Still, we’ve found ten that we think you’ll enjoy if you’re in the mood for something like Memento. So, without further ado, here are the top ten movies like Memento that we heartily recommend. Let’s dive in, okay?

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The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

First off, we have Christopher Nolan’s fifth full-length movie, 2006’s The Prestige. Starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as rival magicians trying to outdo each other with the most visually spectacular illusions, its offbeat structure often rhymes with the work. Previous of the writer and director in Memory.

While it won’t be Nolan’s only film on the list, The Prestige is arguably Memento’s closest analog thanks to its frequent use of time jumps and distinctly unorthodox storytelling. To sum it up, if you’re in the mood for a cerebral sci-fi roller coaster full of twists and turns, The Prestige is the perfect story to get you pumped. Plus, David Bowie plays Nikola Tesla in it, which automatically makes things five times better. No, seriously, we did the math.

donnie darko

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: Flower Movies

Richard Kelly’s psychological cult hit Donnie Darko combines time travel, sleepwalking, murder and, well…a weird guy in a bunny suit named Frank to deliver a high-concept indie take that invites the imagination. reflection with a heart, a soul and a brain.

Interestingly, the film’s writer-director paid tribute to Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas, who helped secure Donnie Darko’s theatrical release. Additionally, after an initial screening of the film, Nolan even advised Kelly and encouraged the director to include title cards throughout the film, to which the Virginia-born filmmaker agreed.

In short, Donnie Darko is another feature film that plays with time and makes viewers think, while offering a tense narrative about love, death and family.

shutter island

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

While Martin Scorsese is largely more synonymous with violent crime dramas, the award-winning writer-director found much success with psychological thrillers like 1976’s Taxi Driver and 2010’s Shutter Island.

Based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, the 1950s murder mystery tells the story of U.S. Marshal Edward Teddy Daniels (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) as they travel to the island of the same name to investigate the possible murder. of Rachel Solando and her three daughters.

What starts out as a routine investigation soon spirals into chaos as Daniels’ mind seemingly begins to unfold. Frankly, this movie has more in common with Christophe Gans’ Silent Hill than it does with traditional gangsters like Goodfellas.

The game

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: Propaganda Films

After the huge success of Seven in 1995, David Fincher returned to the psychological thriller with The Game in 1997. Featuring roles from exceptional actors like Michael Douglas and Sean Penn, The Game is a gripping thriller that constantly makes you question the motivations of the packed cast. of stars.

Centering on an investment banker estranged from his family, Fincher’s third feature film is an atmospheric thread that oscillates between family tragedy and conspiracy drama.

Witty, weird, with a dizzying twist in the final moments of its ending, The Game is a psychological thriller that will leave a lasting impression.


The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image source: Warner Bros. Pictures

The second and final Christopher Nolan photo on this list is Inception and it’s easy to see why. Part mind-blowing sci-fi, part dreamlike spy thriller, Nolan’s seventh film is a masterpiece of both visual design and narrative ambition.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a specialist thief who infiltrates his targets’ subconscious and steals valuable information, Inception smashed the box office with an impressive $836.8 million in 2010 and garnered tons of awards season accolades.

Additionally, it also features a deeply moving and memorable score by Hans Zimmer, as well as stunning turns by Joseph Gordon Levitt from Looper and Beyond: Elliot Page of Two Souls.

The Machinist

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image source: Castelão Producciones

Thematically, The Machinist is perhaps the closest film to Memento’s DNA on this list. Directed by Brad Anderson, the 2004 psychological chiller has a lot in common with Nolan’s amnesia-focused murder mystery.

Indeed, themes such as guilt, paranoia, and regret are explored through its central protagonist, who seems like an ordinary man who turns out to be an insomniac haunted by violent hallucinations. These visions are deeply intertwined with a very human story at the center of the narrative.

Featuring a phenomenal performance from American Psycho’s Christian Bale, who lost 62 pounds in an effort to play the emaciated version of his character, Trevor Reznik, The Machinist is a loose, atmospheric thriller that hides a tragic twist that will stay with you long after. the credits have rolled.

The butterfly Effect

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: New Line Cinema

While The Butterfly Effect may be another critical flop, this heady time-travel flick became a commercial success despite all the odds against it. Yes, Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber’s sci-fi epic attempts to translate the mathematical concept of chaos theory into an accessible popcorn image, and surprisingly, largely succeeds.

Starring Ashton Kutcher, who essentially has the unique power to alter his past through his memories, The Butterfly Effect is an exploration of human will, destiny, alternate realities, and ultimately the power to drastically change lives at will. through seemingly insignificant actions.

vanilla sky

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: Paramount Pictures

Cameron Crowe’s cleverly executed adaptation of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes is a wonderful cocktail of reality-warping sci-fi, unrequited heartfelt romance, and an excellent soundtrack featuring the talents of Paul McCartney, Radiohead, and Sigur Ros.

Centered around a masked character named David Aames (played by Tom Cruise), who we find imprisoned for some mysterious reason, the film tells his personal story of how he came to be with many twists.

Convincing and incredibly well written, with a terrific lead performance from Cruise, Vanilla Sky is a memorable adventure filled with mystery, intrigue and, like the best of art, open to multiple interpretations.

The gift

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: Blumhouse Productions

Written and directed by Joel Edgerton, The Gift is a chilling psychological thriller that oddly enough is one of the most believable stories on this list.

Starring Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman and Iron Man 3’s Rebecca Hall as the married duo at the center of the film, the 2015 nail-biting flick is a thrilling treat. Said couple run into an old school friend who soon becomes obsessed with them, culminating in a plethora of gifts.

Things speed up as these gifts slowly start to get more… unsettling. I mean, who doesn’t like it when all your fish are poisoned and your dog goes missing? Yes, The Gift may be a fairly simple setup, but it will still manage to give you the creeps.

number 23

The 10 best movies similar to Memento

Image Source: New Line Cinema

While critics have heavily panned Joel Schumacher’s all-encompassing thriller, there’s plenty to like here for fans of mystery, twists, and thought-provoking conspiracy theories. Starring Jim Carrey in one of his few “serious” roles, The Number 23 is a deep dive into a mind-boggling search for the truth.

Narratively, the film focuses heavily on Walter Sparrow, a regular guy who works as an animal control officer. His fate worsens when he discovers a book titled…you guessed it! – Number 23.

Soon, Sparrow begins to see his own life in the pages of the mysterious book, and it isn’t long before he is consumed by his enigmatic murder story. With a terrific turn by Carrey, incredible cinematography and visuals, and a surprisingly compelling story at its core, The Number 23 is an underrated gem sure to scratch that Memento itch.

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