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The 14-inch iPad may be missing two important “Pro” features…

The 14-inch iPad may be missing two important “Pro” features…

Source: Daniel Bader / ComoHow

A shocking new report from prolific display analyst and Apple insider Ross Young claims that the rumored 14-inch iPad Pro won’t have a Mini-LED or ProMotion display.

Ross Young took to Twitter and revealed the news in a tweet just for Super Followers, as seen on ComoHow.

Young says that surprisingly, DSCC has confirmed that the iPad, which will have a 14.1-inch screen, doesn’t have mini-LEDs and “probably won’t be ProMotion either.” That means it won’t even be an iPad Pro, just a regular iPad. Several recent leaks have claimed that Apple has a great iPad in the works. Since last week :

The report claims that Apple is working on a new 14-inch iPad Pro M2 with 512GB of base storage and 16GB of RAM. It also says that Apple will replace the current (2021) iPad Pro M1 with a new M2 version for its existing 11-inch and 12.9-inch form factors, with slimmer bezels for the latter as well.

Given the M2 and solid specs, we assumed it would be an iPad Pro, and Ross Young confirmed the form factor by stating at the time that it would have a mini LED display and ProMotion. Young has since revised that prediction after speaking with vendors.

So it looks like Apple is working on a 14-inch iPad, most likely with the M2 chip, but without some of the key display features that make its current Pro the best iPad money can buy.

Mini-LEDs power Apple’s Liquid Retina XDR display in the 12.9-inch iPad, and both sizes feature ProMotion and a 120Hz display.

The news is admittedly strange given what we’d all assumed about a possible new 14-inch model, this latest leak suggests we might all have been wrong in our predictions. Young has at least confirmed that a Q1 2023 launch window for the new iPad seems likely.

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