The first DLC for ‘Just Cause 3’ revealed

Developers Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have finally announced the first three parts of additional content coming to the successful Just Cause 3, recently released for PlayStation 4 and other current generation platforms.

These are the Air, Land and Sea expansions, that will be included in the “Expansion Pass” for €/$24.99. “Sky Fortress” will be available separately for €/$11.99 and contains new missions in a fortress in the sky, battles against an army of robotic drones, a new weapon “powerful and upgradeable” with missiles and machine guns, defense drones and a new assault rifle. This DLC will be released in March.

“Land Mech Assault” will also include a series of new missions which will introduce a new vehicle and a robotic armor with lethal weapons that can pick up and throw objects, almost indestructible and different from anything seen in the game. Finally we have “Bavarium Sea Heist”, which we will have news about later.

You can find the official announcement trailer next:


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