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The first MacBook Air M2 benchmarks confirm expectations: it’s fast!

The first MacBook Air M2 benchmarks confirm expectations: it’s fast!

Source: Gerald Lynch/ComoHow

Apple’s new M2-powered MacBook Air won’t officially arrive until this Friday, but the first benchmarks have already started appearing online. These benchmarks show us what we all expected: the new machine is fast.

While Apple has yet to start selling the new Apple M2 MacBook Air, some people around the world are already getting their hands on it for various reasons. Some of these people run Geekbench benchmarks and upload them to the web. One Twitter user saw such a streak, with the new MacBook Air scoring 1,899 on the single-core scoring test and 8,965 on the multi-scoring run.

For comparison, these scores almost exactly match the previous scores posted by the 13-inch MacBook Pro, unsurprisingly. Both machines use the M2 version of Apple’s silicon, although there are slight differences in the number of GPU cores available in certain variants. Based on speed tests of the 2020 M1 release, the new MacBook Air is around 20% faster than its predecessor.

The first 2022 M2 MacBook Air Geekbench 5 benchmark! https://t.co/JJQLRq5sX3 pic.twitter.com/lU4aTAKw0n

— Mr. Macintosh (@ClassicII_MrMac) July 8, 2022

The new MacBook Air will undoubtedly be the best Mac for many people, though its $1,199 starting price may put some people off, not that current expected shipping times will bear this out. If you order now, you could wait weeks depending on the configuration you order. The improved chassis and modern look of the new machine, not to mention the new colors, could help make it a popular choice among those buying a new Mac laptop this year.

Those looking to buy a new Mac could definitely do worse than check out our list of the best Amazon Prime Mac deals before making a purchase. The 2020 MacBook Air and several MacBook Pro models are available at low prices as part of the holidays this year.

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