The Hex – the game from the creator of Pony Island will debut next week

The Hex is the second project born thanks to Daniel Mullins. In 2016, the turkey market was booming Pony Island, fascinating players with an original gameplay idea. About whether The Hex We will be able to find out if he achieves similar success next week. The game will debut on Steam on October 16.

The Hex will take us on a journey to the old inn, The Six Pint. An anonymous call informs us that one of the guests is planning to commit murder. Our task is to determine his identity. Of course, after what we experienced in… Pony Island, you should expect that The Hex will not be an ordinary game. Guests visiting the inn have a unique repertoire. They are all characters known from video games, trying to escape from their past. The heroes will include: The Spacemarine, The Sorceress, The Platformer, The Fighter, The Apocalypse Survivor and the mysterious The First Person Perspective. We will discover the story gradually by playing the role of each of them. The project seems extremely intriguing, so we will certainly not ignore it. You can expect a review soon.

The Hex – trailer

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