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The largest Philippine conglomerate, Ayala, launches health superapp

The largest Philippine conglomerate, Ayala, launches health superapp

Three Philippine healthcare technology platforms under Ayala Corporation, one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines, will be integrated to form a super healthcare app.

According to an exchange disclosure, KonsultaMD, HealthNow and AIDE will be consolidated under KonsultaMD, which is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

KonsultaMD is a telemedicine app managed by venture capital builder 917Ventures, which also developed the HealthNow health app in conjunction with Ayala Corp’s healthcare arm AC Health. AIDE is a healthcare app recently acquired by HealthNow.

Together, these apps have a combined user base of over two million.


The health superapp will combine the teleconsultation offered by KonsultaMD, the drug delivery services of HealthNOW, the laboratory tests and the home care of AIDE.

KonsultaMD is the dominant telemedicine operator in the Philippines with over a million members and a retail network of over 50,000 outlets. HealthNow and AIDE have reportedly expanded their base to over a million registered users.

“Inquiries are at the top of the funnel. Consultations generate prescriptions which in turn generate laboratory consultations. Now we can serve them all. We are a one-stop shop for all your health needs,” said Cholo Tagaysay, incoming CEO of the. consolidated entity.


With a similar goal of expanding access to quality healthcare, Philippine conglomerate Equicom Group and Singapore-based DoctorAnywhere joined forces last year to create a telemedicine joint venture in the Philippines.

In other news, Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation recently leveraged Active8me, a Singapore-based digital wellness company, to add personalized daily fitness, nutrition and wellness programs to its mWell health mobile app.


The relaunch of KonsultaMD as a super app will put AC Heath in a position to provide “much-needed access to quality healthcare and medicine across the country, accelerating our goal of touching the lives of one in five Filipinos by 2030,” commented the CEO and President. Paul Borromeo

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