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THE life simulation game, Clanfolk, coming with a brand new trailer

THE life simulation game, Clanfolk, coming with a brand new trailer

Hooded Horse has revealed a brand new trailer for Clanfolk before today’s highly anticipated launch. Only developed by MinMax Games and inspired by Prison Architect and Rimworld, the medieval colony simulator offers a tough survival lesson against the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

Set across multiple generations as your family grows and survives the brutal highland winters, Clanfolk is designed to challenge players as the seasons go by. With food in abundance and warm nights during the spring and summer months, mother nature begins to bite as the seasons change and resources begin to dwindle. With procedurally generated maps, players will have to choose wisely where to take root if their clan is to thrive long enough to last the winter.

With a strong focus on lineage, players will need to manage their family, traits, roles and responsibilities if they are to thrive. Each member of your clan has their own behavioral traits that directly affect how each character lives their life in your colony. Some will be afraid of the dark, which means bedrooms should be well-lit for better sleep, while others will have a high metabolism, so they’ll eat more food but work and move faster. Managing this, along with maintaining your farm, is key to not only surviving but also building strong relationships with neighboring clans.

With fully simulated weather and seasons, each day in the Scottish Highlands is unique. As you clean up the land and build your farm exactly the way you like it, you’ll need to juggle a complex hierarchy of needs that governs how your Clanfolk live their lives. This will ultimately determine if you hold out all winter. Played through the generations, from birth to death, the depth and scope of Clanfolk are vast, giving players complete control over their experience and how they manage their survival. Will you survive the winter?

Clanfolk will be released on Steam on July 14, 2022