The limited edition of ‘Root Letter’ will include several advantages in Japan

Developer Kadokawa Games has revealed the details of the limited edition for Japan of Root Letter, his next human drama adventure that will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan this June 16 for 4,800 yen in its standard version and almost 4,000 yen more in its collector versions.

The Japan Premium Edition will cost about 7,800 yen and will feature a special design box in the form of Aya’s bag with a magnetic cover, a 56-page design book, a 30-song soundtrack and a set of 7 cards. Furthermore, players who buy in stores such as Amazon, GEO, ANimate, Softmap, WonderGOO or Imagine will receive some exclusive benefits from retailers, such as puzzles and decorations related to the game.

You can take a look at some images of these promotions next:


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