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The Microsoft Flight Simulator Van RV-14, the SIAI-Marchetti S.205 and a very rare Hercules C-130 came out; Sukhoi SU-31 coming soon

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Van RV-14, the SIAI-Marchetti S.205 and a very rare Hercules C-130 came out; Sukhoi SU-31 coming soon

Today, several additional aircraft have been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with another to follow soon.

We start with SimWorks Studios, who released their version of the Van’s Aircraft RV-14.

It is currently available for $14.99 on the developer store with the following features:

Next up is Nemeth Design who released a SIAI-Marchetti S.205-18/R.

You can find it in the developer store for $19.49

We also heard from IndiaFoxtEcho who mentioned that their Sukhoi Su-31 is ready for launch, also posted a disclaimer and revealed the price, which will be around €17.5.

The developer has also confirmed that the plane should be released on Xbox in the future.

“Sorry, but we were unable to launch the SU-31 over the weekend as planned, as there were some last minute adjustments we needed to test and there were some errors in the manual. .

On the plus side, last night we managed to fix almost everything… and the plane is ready to be delivered: we only have to go through the paperwork to send files with the different providers (each provider requires slightly different things) but we hope that the plane will be available in the next few days at all our usual points of sale… except Microsoft, which, as usual, will have a little more delay.

Pending testing from Microsoft, the plane should also be available on Xbox.

Contrary to business logic, we would like to talk a little about the flaws in this project or, in marketing jargon, “opportunities for improvement”:

While we think the plane is fun to fly, and should be able to perform most aerobatic maneuvers, the snap/flip behavior isn’t great and it’s hard to control precisely. Also, the simulator seems to overestimate the power loss during vertical maneuvers, so we “pumped” the engine and propeller performance a bit to achieve speeds closer to the real aircraft during some maneuvers.

Also, since the avionics are super basic (just a radio and transponder), it’s probably not your best option for long cross-country flights or any kind of complex navigation.

Speaking of landscapes, Aerosoft has clarified that its VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System) software will be a free version for PC and will initially cover four of the developer’s airports, including the upcoming Brussels (EBBR). It will work on all versions of airports for PC, including those purchased from the official market.

The airport itself has also been confirmed for PC and Xbox, but VDGS will not be available on Xbox.

Last, and certainly least, we have a version of Captain Sim, which I wouldn’t hesitate to call “rare”.

The developer has released a “C-130 Exterior” and, as the name suggests, it only includes the exterior of the plane, with no cockpit. Basically you’d be forced to drive it with the stock hud, which greatly reduces any simulation value it might have.

It also comes with original sounds from the simulator, which is certainly confusing.

If that doesn’t put you off, it’s available on the developer store for $14.99.

• Highly detailed and accurate digital replica of the C-130E Hercules
• Cabin and cockpit with 3D windows and pilots
• Realistic animations
• Ultra high resolution 4K textures of the following 6 liveries:
– USAF #640544
– USAF #637777 (bare metal)
– Australian Air Force #A97181
– Canadian Air Force #130307
– British Air Force # ZH887
– Brazilian Air Force #2459

• No virtual cockpit, outdoor model only
• MSFS2020 stock functionality including HUD instruments
• Full cargo cabin with animated doors
• Custom Views

• Customized flight model
• MSFS2020 sounds available
• Paint kit
• Sim Ops

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.

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