The music of Lords of the Fallen was also recorded in our country

Our little country appears more and more often in a new area of ​​the video game industry: the soundtracks of many foreign productions are recorded in Hungary. We recently wrote, for example, that the music of Elden Ring was played by the Budapest Film Orchestra, and the musicians of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra added their talent to Vampire Survivor.

It came out the other day Lords of the Fallenand again, it was the latter company, whose contribution was essential to the recording of the background music. Led by Péter Illényi, the musicians and choir of Budapest Scoring 80 played the music of Hexworks’ dark-fantasy role-playing game.

Budapest Scoring has already contributed to the music recordings of many video games, such as Injustice 2, Total War: Attila, Gray Goo, Total War: Warhammer, The Settlers Online or The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowing. In addition to these, they have worked together with countless film productions over the past years.

With the cooperation of Laced Records, the soundtrack album containing 36 tracks was also released separately, which can even be purchased on vinyl. The music was composed by Cris Velasco (Bloodborne, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard) and Knut Avenstroup Haugen (Lords of the Fallen 2014, Conan Exiles), and the musicians from Budapest are soprano Eurielle and alto singer Jess Dandy, as well as solo cellist of the London Symphony Orchestra, David Cohen he added.

Lords of the Fallen is the first action RPG game to take advantage of Unreal Engine 5. It was released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S last Friday.

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