The new ‘Battlefield Hardline’ map is a remaster of ‘Grand Bazaar’

This is probably be exciting news for all Battlefield 3 fans, since most of them really enjoyed the map called Grand Bazaar, known as one of the most successful in the multiplayer of the entire series for its encounters at short and medium distances, in addition to the behavior of the comebacks.

The developer Visceral Games has announced that it intends bring this popular map to the current generation of consoles, specifically Battlefield Hardline, as additional downloadable content; probably for appeal to nostalgia of the players.

The studio’s latest behind-the-scenes video has revealed that The map will be called “Chinatown” and we will find it extremely familiar compared to the Grand Bazaar, since it is a “re-imagined” version and adapted to the gameplay of Battlefield Hardline.

If you are interested in take a look at this new mapyou can do it in the “behind the scenes” below:


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