The new ‘Firewatch’ patch for PS4 includes “significant improvements”

Just how Firewatch became popular during its development Because it is an indie adventure and exploration title with a mysterious script, the title was also part of a lot of controversy upon its launch; specifically on PlayStation 4where the game had performance problems.

In a new blog on its official page, the developer Campo Santo has announced that a new update is now available for the PS4 version of Firewatch, aimed at solving many bugs identified and add a certain part of the feedback collected by PlayStation 4 players. In study wordsthis patch includes “significantly improved experience regarding many aspects of the game.

The company did not publish a listing full of the changes as being “too extensive,” but did share an overview of the most important changes.

First of all we know that shadow rendering and remote clipping has been improved, fixed some texture issues. Loading and unloading of transmissions have been significantly adjusted a with additional security modifications so as not to have to witness the loading. Additionally, the issue with Unity crashing when loading scenes has been fixed.


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