The ‘PES 2016’ championship opens its doors to Europe

According to can be confirmed On its official website, the 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer championship has already opened its doors to Europe, and players from that territory can register following some steps.

Those who are selected for the first rounds They will have to compete next January 17, the day on which the registration season will close and no more participants will be accepted. If you fail the first time, you have the opportunity to sign up again before the 17th to 3 more attempts in qualifying.

Whoever wins the tournament you will receive two tickets for the 2016 UEFA Champions League final in Milan next May 28, 2016 with “all expenses and amenities paid.” To participate you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription and a copy of PES 2016.


‘UEFA EURO 2016’ launch video for PES 2016

The Euro Cup is now available in PES 2016

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