The world’s first Formula E game, Formula E: High Voltage, has been released

The new game of the studio Animoca Brands and the publisher Amber is based on two relatively new things Formula E: High Voltage. On the one hand, the theme is the “speeding circus” of increasingly popular electric racing cars, and on the other hand, the NFT. How do these two come together?

Formula E: High Voltage is a manager game where you have to run the races of your own stable. We can take part in the well-known races of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Rome, Berlin or New York. We have to prepare the car for the races, choose the best driver, to whom we can assign special skills. This is how we have to run the best possible race in relation to the weather and visibility conditions (because there will be day and night races).

Okay, but how does the NFT come into the picture? So that all cars and racers in the game are NFTs with different frequencies: common, rare, epic and legendary. Cars are given one of a hundred special abilities at random, and we can develop, collect and manage them to create a unique Formula E empire bit by bit. Players are given four NFTs when they first start: two cars and two drivers.

Formula E: High Voltage is not the first such game, as part of the REVV Motorsport family, it joined other NFT-based games such as MotoGP Ignition, MotoGP Guru, Torque Drift 2 or REVV Racing. You can only access the game on the official site, where the sale of 8,500 solo NFTs and 900 team NFTs has also begun.

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