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These apps are responsible for draining your phone data

These apps are responsible for draining your phone data

A new report has pinpointed exactly which apps use your data the most when you get it on your smartphone. Now you know why you always run out of data.

Sometimes it can feel like after a few minutes of aimlessly browsing social media, you already get a notification that your monthly data allotment is dangerously low. Thanks to a study commissioned by BuyMobiles, we now know exactly which apps to point the finger at for this problem, and TikTok is one of the worst offenders.

According to research, the average TikTok user browses the app for 53 minutes a day, which would consume 742 MB of mobile data based on their 840 MB hourly usage. That makes it the most intensive social media app, but it may not be your fault that you push your data allowance to the limit.

Instagram is the next highest data usage social media platform, apparently using up to 720MB per hour, but the problem is that users tend to spend even more time browsing this app – around 145 minutes per day on average, which which would cost you 1.74 GB of data alone

Other social media sites consume far less data, with Twitter and Facebook draining 360MB and 100MB per hour respectively, so even if they’re used as much as Instagram, they’re unlikely to cause the same data loss.

One surprising finding was that Snapchat is remarkably efficient with data, even though it relies on both images and videos; the short-lived social network barely uses 160 MB of data per hour.


However, if you watch TV shows or movies using your mobile data, that’s even more likely the reason you’re considering a new contract. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube use about 3GB of data for every hour of streaming. BBC iPlayer is much more data-friendly, using just 225MB per hour, whereas streaming an hour’s worth of songs on Spotify would only waste around 40MB of data.

video calls

If you decide to call your friends or colleagues when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, remember that there may be a cost. Zoom uses 810MB for calls, while Skype (700MB) and Google Hangouts (600MB) are at least slightly more efficient.

You can consult the complete results of the study in the following infographic:

Image Credit: Buymobiles

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