This is the presentation cinematic of ‘Homefront: The Revolution’

Many of you will be eagerly awaiting the launch of Homefront: The Revolution, the new installment from the renowned developer Deep Silver that will be released next May 20, 2016 and will offer a multiplayer experience that will take us to the streets of Philadelphia in the role of an American resistance fighting against the korean invading forces in a futuristic and chaotic version of these territories.

The company has now published the official cinematics presentation of the game, titled “America Has Fallen”, which in Spanish means “America Has Fallen”, referring to the problem of military and civil war in which Korea apparently was victorious about the United States.

In an official description accompanying this new video, we can read that the game is “an alternative and re-imagined story that tells about the ashes of the Korean War documents”, in which we will see the fall of “one global superpower and the positioning of another, managed by the ruthless APEX Corporation in a world with references parallel to our own.”

You can enjoy the official cinematics from the game below:


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