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This WhatsApp Concept Imagines Stealing a Great iMessage Feature

This WhatsApp Concept Imagines Stealing a Great iMessage Feature

Source: Christine Romero-Chan / ComoHow

WhatsApp could one day take a leaf out of the Messages app book and show people when the people they’re sending to have Focus enabled. But at the moment it is only available in concept form.

Messages users are already using Focus Status, a feature added in iOS 15 that allows apps to appear when other people have turned on a specific Focus mode, like Do Not Disturb, for example. This means that people who send messages will always know when the recipient is in a situation where they will not receive a notification. WhatsApp does not currently support that feature, but WABetaInfo has come up with a concept that imagines it is possible.

As you can see from this concept, when you open a WhatsApp chat with contacts who have focus mode turned on, a new system message will be placed at the bottom of the chat so you can know if a contact is available for a chat. Yes, people may not want to share this information on WhatsApp, so a new option needs to be implemented directly in WhatsApp settings to manage this feature.

WhatsApp is believed to already be preparing support for a feature that will alert people if they miss a call because they had Focus mode enabled, but it’s not ready for prime time yet.

WhatsApp has long been one of the best iPhone apps for keeping in touch with friends and family who don’t use iMessage, but a lot of people also use it as an iMessage replacement. Being able to see when the person you’re messaging is unavailable will help them determine if they’re likely to respond, and even break and force a notification in an emergency.


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