Those who abandon games in ‘Street Fighter V’ will begin to be penalized

In the middle of this month, the popular company developer and distributor Capcom launched the long-awaited combat title Street Fighter V, whose main attention during development was focused on multiplayer games in PvP encounters.

Unfortunately many players quit games when they are losing, one of the most common problems when it comes to online fighting games. Capcom has announced that it continues working in a way to fix this problem as soon as possible, and in the most recent Capcom Unity update, the developers stated that they are aware that this is a tactic to “maintain their League Points” by disconnecting from the Internet before finishing the game.

Although the company does not have a specific date To implement a new system that avoids this problem, Capcom has announced that starting next week it will begin taking “direct actions” against this type of players. According to him, the punishment will be “servers for the worst offenders” and community support is needed in this, “recording every opponent who leaves matches” through the Share function on PlayStation 4.

Apparently, the cheaters players They will end up meeting face to face on the same server. What do you think of these measures?


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