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Timeless gear pieces for a classic Sunday ride

Timeless gear pieces for a classic Sunday ride

Driving a classic car or just having a ride in style is always a more pleasurable experience when it’s equipped to drive. By this we mean having a stylish outfit and functional gear to match.

Below are some great designer pieces that are sure to complete your classic Sunday outfit. If you click on their respective buttons, you can visit each brand’s website to see even more of their offerings.

Table of Contents:


Combining luxury design with automotive inspiration, Piloti aims to provide the highest quality line of footwear for driving enthusiasts. With a variety of styles to fit every lifestyle, Piloti incorporates his love of cars and shoes into every design. The Avenue takes the form of a low-cut leather casual sneaker that features rounded paneling and colorways inspired by classic car liveries.

the aberrant man

The Outlierman is born from a true passion for the world of driving and the elegance of the Gentlemen of yesteryear. All its collections of driving gloves, travel bags, ties, bow ties, pocket squares, scarves and suspenders are born from a study of car models that have left their mark on tradition becoming timeless icons. Each creation is a small 100% Made in Italy masterpiece, imbued with pure passion for driving and designed to celebrate automotive myths while driving or displaying a distinctive style.

Original Grand Prix

The early years of auto racing helped make the sport the phenomenon it is today. The Grand Prix Originals USA team celebrates these eras through its collection of premium apparel, footwear and accessories. With designs that incorporate the style of racing icons like Steve McQueen and Gulf Oil Racing, the true spirit of drag racing is encapsulated in their product line for all car fans. Shop the collection and add coupon code “DUPONT” ​​at checkout for 10% savings on all orders.


Porsche Design is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a commemorative collection of clothing and accessories inspired by the iconic Porsche 911 model. As part of the extensive line of luxury products, the new Porsche Design 50Y P ‘8478 sunglasses feature a stylish classic aviator with a state-of-the-art interchangeable lens system. 50Y P’8478 sunglasses are limited to 1,972 units worldwide.

Jordan custom

With a focus and dedication to design and engineering, Simon Jordan launched Jordan Bespoke in 2005 to create custom motorsports-inspired leather goods for racing legends and enthusiasts. The E60 Heritage GTO Tote is inspired by the iconic Jaguar E-type history and features a high quality racing red design crafted from ‘Bridge of Weir’ Scottish leather.

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