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Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs – review – PS4

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs – review – PS4

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs is the PlayStation 4 console edition of NIS America’s Visual Novel + strategic RPG game, the definitive re-edition that, in addition to the successful porting to Sony’s flagship console – after last year’s PS3 and Vita versions – adds new life to the previous title. New content and settings, new scenarios and an advanced visual novel look both in the artwork and in the design and characterization of the characters.

We said that this new PS4 console edition of TTGH features several variations and novelties compared to the previous ones: the animations, the refined and elegant style of the characters always keeping in mind the concept of the anime / manga, always bleak and gloomy settings but with more details to explore and that try to involve the player.

Darkness reigns supreme in this which cannot simply present itself as a Japanese-style visual novel. Because the main element of the game is not only given by the story, but also by the mystery hidden and then revealed, by the care of the relationships between the characters and by the tabletop rpg-style combat system. In fact, the combat section is the one that makes the gang of ghost hunters real ghost catchers, complete with detectors and with a tool (Ouija board!) That is used to perform the actions, and to capture the spectrum on duty. Here, the combat system leaves something to be desired as it is not possible, even after a few hours, to get over it. If a ghost does not want to be found, there is no strategy that holds, if not that of ending the game and trying other areas again. The shifts granted in fact appear few given also the little relevance that some moves take.

The good and the bad weather at this point do the stories of the various characters: from the beginning we can customize our young protagonist, a newcomer to the Kurenai Academy of Shiniuku in Tokyo, not only name and height, but even the blood type. We are immediately immersed in the gloomy and dark aspect of the new school and we are soon thrown into the fray, by the beautiful and cynical Miss Chizuru Fukurai, who firmly leads the group of Gate Keepers. We note a depth of characters as required and the possibility, with the choices of the player, to determine now this, now that reaction. The visual dialogue system is also important to solve certain mysteries and find the hiding place of some ghosts, all enriched with a bit of wise tradition and legend in Japanese sauce. The artwork, we said, really nice and fascinating, as well as the background music (even if we noticed some forcing in the moment of the battle). On the other hand, the subjective animations are beautiful when we find (almost by chance, it must be said) the ghost on duty.

A high-profile technical and graphic sector, music, settings, stories of the characters, compelling, especially if you can unlock the hidden quests for each of them, also interesting the economic aspect for which you try to make as few mistakes as possible in battle-system, all this enriches the graphic novel with pleasant and entertaining contents, unfortunately the strategic mode almost absent in the fighting becomes sometimes unnerving.

All in all the game experience is sufficiently complete, so if you are looking for an ‘active’ visual novel, surely Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs is a more than suitable solution. With Japanese tradition-culture outlines that are anything but obvious, not to be underestimated. If you are looking for a hybrid story between the visual novel and the strategic RPG, there is something to improve here.