‘Trillion: God of Destruction’ details its gameplay and shares some tips

The developer Idea Factory International has shared through an entry in the official PlayStation blog a new trailer for Trillion: God of Destruction, the dynamic PlayStation Vita exclusive title that will be released on next March 29 on PlayStation Vita and April first in Europe.

The company wanted to focus on this opportunity to explain to us how to function fluidly in the world of Trillon without causing us too much inconvenience. To do this, we can find a general review of the training system, the way “HP” works, combat encounters and much more.

For example, the public relations coordinator explains to us how to defeat enemies with a very high level of HP (1,000,000,000,000 HP), highlighting a large portion of the gameplay in this installment does not take place during battles but outside of them, during the “preparation” phase.

You can to take a look to the new trailer for Trillion: God of Destruction and its different game systems below:


‘Trillion: God of Destruction’ brings us details and a new trailer

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New trailer for ‘Trillion: God of Destruction’

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