Ubisoft also has plans to improve the PvE world of ‘The Division’

In mid-March of this year, the popular developer French Ubisoft launched a third-person massively multiplayer online shooter called The Division, which had RPG features that are not very common in the genre, something that was received in a very positive way by the players. However, in terms of content, the game got off to a rough start.

Update after update the company has tried improve replayability and fix bugs with the concept of PvP (Player versus Player) environments so that users can be entertained long enough. However, now the Ubisoft Massive studio has reported today during a Twitch stream that has plans to improve PvE (Player vs. AI-controlled enemies) environments, even though no details were revealed.

The sad reality is that the main replayability of this installment is focused on the Dark Zonebut given the repeated problems related to hackers, cheaters, glitches, bugs and even a notable imbalance in gameplay due to a curious approach to the game concept, many people would prefer continue playing individually. Unfortunately there isn’t much to do outside of the Dark Zone.

We’ll have to wait for a future update to see what idea intends to present the study to improve this feature.


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