Ubisoft offers 100 phoenix credits in ‘The Division’ for the inconvenience caused

Despite the undoubted success since its launch, Tom Clancy’s The Division, the last installment Ubisoft’s massively multiplayer online shooter has had numerous problems in terms of performance and errors that have occurred in the gameplay, experience and even saved.

More recently we learned of a bug that was preventing players from find your characters which, as you already know, have a certain level, rank and equipment; Fortunately, many of them managed to recover their characters, but the inconvenience caused They give a bad image that no company would want to carry.

For this reason Ubisoft is offering 100 Phoenix Credits in compensation to players who have been experiencing problems since the release of update 1.1 or “Raid”, which among other things, included new missions, a new challenge system, new enemies and much more. Furthermore, who log in During this next weekend they will get 150 phoenix credits, in compensation for not having launched new daily challenges for three days in a row.


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