‘Uppers’ releases on July 14 in Japan

Uppers previously had a release date set for April 21, 2016but manager Takaki announced in an entry from the company’s blog that said premiere would be delayed indefinitely, which implied that the delay could be for several months.

And in fact it was. Today popular retailer Rakuten Books revealed that the title will be available in stores starting July 14 for PlayStation Vita. Most likely, during this time the game will get some changes, but above all a level of most acceptable promotion for a game that would probably go unnoticed.

The company previously spoke about the game delay saying the following:

One of the reasons is that the number of reservations has not reached the amount we thought it would. If we take into account the current market, these are not numbers that we can realistically swallow… I want to continue believing in the power and potential of this game.

Currently there a demo of the game available on the PlayStation Store in Japan. This beat’em up installment is being produced by Senran Kagura’s Kenichiro Takaki.


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