Users report that the stainless steel watch is scratched, but easily corrected by polishing

You can imagine the dismay that owners of a new $ 500 stainless steel Apple Watch feel when they notice scratches on the casing. According to a report on 9To5MacS while this model seems to be scratched easily, it can also be easily fixed. The article says that this type of scratching is common on stainless steel items and that scratches can be removed by polishing. A video shows how it’s made and offers a good before-and-after comparison of a scratched watch that reappears like new.

The solution costs only $ 5 to $ 10 for some metal polish. You just need to be careful not to get the polishing cream into the openings of the watch.

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The post also offers a helpful explanation on the material used and how it compares in hardness (and scratchiness) to other materials, such as aluminum. A jeweler or watch repair shop will also take care of polishing it, but the post says it could cost anywhere from $ 20 to $ 40, and in at least one case, the jeweler was afraid to polish an Apple Watch. Is this a “scratchgate” scandal? No, says 9To5Mac. It is normal for this type of material.

Overall, the Apple Watch is proving to be quite resistant to damage. In addition to my fellow blogger Todd Bernhard’s report on CNET’s “torture test” on the Apple Watch Sport, Consumer Reports has also done some rigorous testing. They found that the sapphire crystal watch face is nearly impossible to scratch and that the watch survived underwater for 30 minutes. They also tested the heart rate monitor and the step counter and found that they were accurate. You can see their evidence in the video below.

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