Virtual reality will have an exclusive presence at the Tokyo Game Show

This year 2016 is the year of virtual reality, a technology that has been with us for a long time but is preparing a real landing with the intention of establishing itself definitively in the industry, in companies and in people’s homes.

Surely the virtual helmets from Oculus, HTC and of course the PlayStation VR will have a presence at the big E3 video game fair and also at Gamescom in Cologne. Where it surely is is in the TGS (Tokyo Game Show) that is celebrated between September 15 and 18 in Tokyo, and this has been confirmed by the organization itself.

Virtual reality will have its own space at the fair, an honor that will also have an area dedicated to artificial intelligence this year. It is also expected that the e-Sports have an important presence in the event that usually dominates Sony and PlayStationand everyone knows that Japan is not a favorable territory for Microsoft and Xbox One and Nintendo does not usually have much presence either.

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