We will have news about ‘Uncharted 4’ in the next few hours

This year will finally be released the long-awaited Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, one of the most important exclusive titles in the PlayStation 4 catalog that sought to oppose temporary exclusivity from Microsoft about the latest installment of Tomb Raider for Xbox One and PC.

The game will finally be released on April 26, 2016. A few minutes ago Sony Computer Entertainment has shared a message via Twitter that hints that we will have new news about the game this February 24 starting at 9 AM EST. We do not have details about the content we will see from that time onwards, but the new image has come with the phrase “Are you ready to seek your fortune?

You can check it out for yourself at the tweet below:

“Are you ready to seek your fortune?”

February 24th, 9AM Eastern. pic.twitter.com/XbsKhG9KMy

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) February 24, 2016


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